Turning art from a hobby to a profession requires help and support. You can explore different ways to find a job in a company or to set up your own labor position as entrepreneur or as independent worker.

Some suggestions:

Special employment centers, where all employees have a level of disability and to which companies subcontract tasks and services.

Create visibility for your work through social networks, through Diverse Artists and other organizations in your country that promote disabled in the arts.

Address and auction house: www.subartis.com will accept to your work for auction.

Selection companies which have a foundation focus position disabled workers to which you can offer your art skills as added value.

On-line disabled job placement: disJob.com is one in Spain

Entrepreneurial programs of City Councils and other organisations that help persons with ideas and skills to set up their own professional positioning

Join a marketing project that sells articles on-line or in stores designed or illustrated by disabled artists