What we want to achieve

Mision of Diverse Artists:

  • Address the evidence that 14% of the population has some level of disability and that 37% of the population takes cares in one way of another this community
  • Combate discrimination of artists on the basis of their disability
  • Offer a virtual platform to exhibit to the world the art of disabled artists
  • Exhibit free of charge the work of the artist
  • Create awareness of the value of their work and give international visibility to their work
  • Promote assertiveness to the members of this community which is so sensible and special
  • Leverage the value of the contribution that their creative work adds to the social-economy
  • Promote employability and professional positioning of these artists without any discrimination through special centers of employment and selection companies
  • Create professional opportunities for their artistic capabilities
  • Establish alliances with institutions which give support to disabled persons and promote
  • Communication campaigns in virtual networks as well as press to disseminate the work of disabled artistis